OMU HAIR & MAKE という可能性


Possibility that OMU HAIR & MAKE

Now there is a hair salon this many, would you have been able to find a salon that fits you? The “Looking for a hair salon that can be trusted,” “Looking for a hair salon to attend for many years to come” in OMU, “people with ambition who want to become more beautiful,” perm “In the past, phobia of the color He met those who want to overcome ”, not sure what hair style of” I, such as those “that require advice of a professional, with you with a thought as described above, the technology for you in all sincerity as a professional hairdresser , I will guarantee satisfaction in service (personal service). I am looking forward to all the staff, to meet with you.



Notes on having you use the OMU

We, so we contact the customer with pride as a professional hairdresser, “The person who does not require any advice from professional”, “how to be a hair salon select discount, in price, etc.”, “hair Please note that the person, such as those who ”more than you lost your ambition to have been available OMU, because there is a case you can not satisfy.